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Really poor experience at the Christmas tree shop in Brick, NJ-The employee pictured below asked me if my cart was mine. I reached out and touched it and said yes it is and that's my purse.

She told me that I must keep my purse in the bottom of my cart. Then she raised her voice and started badgering me about how the police have been to the store because purses in carts were an issue. I told her as I reached out and touch my purse again that it was less than 2 feet away and I was just trying to buy a glass. She picked my purse up and started digging through my car… I told her to please put my purse down and that she should not be touching customers purses.

She walked away and then called over from two aisles away yelling that my "attitude suck.". So I yelled back that her attitude and customer service sucks. She told me to leave and shop somewhere else, still from two aisles away, while all the customers in the vicinity stopped and stared.

I went and found the store manager, Lester, who apologized and offered me a discount. Susan H.Tritsch

Product or Service Mentioned: Christmas Tree Shops Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fullerton, California, United States #1263877

She should not be going through your purse I agree with that, however you have no right putting her picture online, so you are wrong as well. If the was resolved why are you complaining? Are you hoping the company will give you a gift card after the manager gave you a discount?

Naples, Florida, United States #1261286

Sounds like people have had their purses stolen from their carts and she was trying to be helpful, and you took it way over the top.

to LadyScot Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1261404

The store manager evidently doesn't agree with your opinion, Madam. Funny that a non-witness should write that to the customer when it was the store employee who initially raised their voice and hurled insults, as witnessed by more than a dozen Christmas Tree Shoppe shoppers.

Perhaps you share a similar personality to the employee... Regardless, I hope you have Blessed New Year down in Florida, Madam.

to Shtritsch Naples, Florida, United States #1261430

Since I do not contract out whores I am not a madam.

I have actually had someone like you before as a customer.

I saw a man snatch a woman's purse from her cart and take of running. Instead of chasing him, she hollered at me for not watching her purse. Umm I am not the purse babysitter.

As for your witnesses, produce them. As for the manager, ALL managers get paid to kiss customer a.s.s.

That in no way makes you right. It means they were trying to get you the h.ell out of the store.

to LadyScot #1261838

Produce them?!? You are sure ACTING like the "purse babysitter".......

Projecting your personal frustration on a stranger on a consumer review site.....

Who ARE you?!? Scratch that - Life is too short - Good luck to you

to LadyScot Fullerton, California, United States #1263878

It is probably best to ignore the OP, she appears to be snobbish and seems to think the world revolves around her. Had her purse been stolen she would blame them for not warning her or for not having enough security.

As for personality I am sure that her personality is just as bad as the employee's.

I agree with you the manager was just trying to get her out of the store.

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